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Terms and conditions

Placing a job / Confirmation

To avoid any misunderstanding, please be very clear if you provide a job.

You'll receive a confirmation of the job you've provided!

(Just a short mail confirming your provided job.) From that moment on, the booking/the job is confirmed and can no longer be withdrawn at no cost. Except in special circumstances, such as family events, bankruptcy, etc.



minor editing of the script (if necessary). Meaning a few words or several sentences, which need grammar correction, with a maximum of 5 sentences. Beyond that, we speak about a bad translation and the script will be returned! 

I handle a price list. I determine my prices myself! 

Inquiries are always possible, but imposing a (very low) price is not possible!

Exceptions are:

-package deals (for several commercials, or commercial cut downs) 

-several video script’s at once

-frequent repetitions for the same production or frequent job's from your firm

-a very large volume

-a roughly cleaned recording - without elimination of breath taking.


It's all right to pay in Dollars for instance, instead of Euro's, if you pay via PayPal - But: the standard to base my fee on will always be Euro's

Buy out

Every commercial, exposed on either You Tube or any social or other media, will be charged with buy out, according to the length of the initial exposure.

The fee for a commercial for instance is compiled of a session fee and the buyout (most of the time 50%-50%) in order to be able to determine the fee for a later renewal of the buyout. (Because I had questions about the necessity of a buy out: Think of it as royalties for us speakers - our sound and the way we present the product is unique too!)

An extension of the buyout is charged for the first year at 60% of the buyout fee, the second at 30% and for a possible third year at 15%. If a commercial is then extended again, the rights are with the customer.

Voice recording

-editing: it is standard procedure at The German Connection to eliminate all breath taking.

(If you'd like to preserve some or all breath taking please let me know prior to the recording!)


All 'known' pronunciation (famous brands, common abbreviations, etc.) are speaking for themselves.

If your script contains new or not well known brand names, medical or technical or brand specific terminology, please provide a pronunciation guide.

A retake of pronunciation, which should have been cleared up front is not free of charge.

But: I will indicate that up front. If I haven't: The German Connection won't charge anything.


A minor retake is included.

What is a minor retake? For instance:

- the word at the end of a sentence should be read more to a closing... 

- one abbreviation wasn't cleared up front (meaning a single one, if it concerns the very same 30 times throughout the script, it's not free of charge)

-one word was missing, one sentence had to be corrected, one sentence had to be added.. 

All errors on my account are free of charge - off course!

By the way: a directed session (via Skype or Source Connect should cover all at once!)


Script condition

Please make sure that you provide a good translation into German (or Dutch) and within a file extention which is immediatly operable in an Apple environment (doc(x), txt, excel, pdf or powerpoint will be perfect).


Time syncing

-it is very convenient if you have a video which is already produced in English (or another original language) and should be narrated in German/Dutch. Please provide a script with time codes and/or the original video (preferred!) to orientate on and to import in the software - that way I'm able to work very efficiently.


Custom sample

You can always ask for a custom sample to fine tune your preferences regarding tone, pace and style and to compare different voices. One audition (which is a small part up to 4/5 sentences of the script) will be free of charge.



The payment should be taken care of within 14 days after receiving the invoice. From 30 days on, I will start sending reminder's. From the 2nd reminder on, you have to pay an additional administration fee. If the second reminder isn't answered within the payment date, I will engage a collection agency. 

Payment is possible via a direct link within the invoice-mail or via PayPal or my bank account.

If you pay via PayPal, please take care of all extra cost's!


Cancellation of the order

within 48 hours will be charged with 25% of the agreed fee

within 24 hours will be charged with 50% of the agreed fee

You can always postpone the order without any cost's.

If the postponement does not result in an order within 3 months it will be charged with 25 % of the agreed fee.

Waiting time

Waiting time is considered as:

Waiting time in studio, If we have agreed on a binding appointment and you let me wait longer than 30 minutes. I'll invoice € 50,- per half hour.

Waiting time based on an announced job for my home studio

If you announce a job, and provide all material but neither confirm the job or cancel it and eventually announce it as urgent, meaning you let me hold my time awaiting your urgent job, I will invoice 'waiting time'. If you require my time immediately you'll have to inform me if the job confirmation is delayed or if the job is cancelled.

I will invoice the total waiting time from the first announcement of the job.

The waiting fee will also be € 50,-- per half an hour.

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