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voice casting & voice acting

voice casting & voice acting

The German Connection also offer’s voice casting & voice acting

  • Children voice over
  • International voice over
  • Special voice over

The better the briefing, the more attuned and striking the voice casting! Children's voice over means: the booking of German-speaking children's voices or children with native sound in other European languages. In addition, other native German or international voices, which have been noticed by their quality, professionalism and the pleasant way of working together.

Over the years, The German Connection has built up a considerable collection of good, very diverse and skilled voices. Through it’s Connections, it’s easy to find a specific sound or a more difficult language for voicing, to provide every production with the right sound.

Voice acting by Meina Kentner or from own file

As a trained actress, I have years of experience in voice acting - voicing of various roles. Think of trick voices, corporate role playing, dubbing, radio plays or just a natural sound, incidentally in both languages: German and Dutch! The voice of Meina Kentner has many different colours!

When it comes to voice acting, it is important that the voice actor is flexible and versatile and can be easily directed.

The German Connection / Meina Kentner can be reached at +31 (0)6-51293292, or by mail:

German voice over Meina - The German Connection: voice-over, studio, translation, training

  • Recording
    usually takes place at my home studio, in a fully insulated, hung cabin with Neuman U87-microphone, Apollo Twin interface and Pro Tools software.
  • Sound-editing
    can take place at various stages: pre-editing, when the recording is only cleaned, or full editing, when breaths are removed too and any ‘imperfections’ tidied up. A happy medium, safeguarding the natural sound is also possible.
  • Vertalen
    from English and Dutch into German.
    When I’m translating, I of course bear in mind that the final result must have the same content, ‘feeling’ and style as the original text. And that’s exactly where the finesse comes in: deciding where to stick faithfully to the original formulation and where a deviation is required. A good translator ‘kneads’ the text until a stand-alone text in the target language has emerged.
  • Representing voices
    is an extra service. I take care of bookings, such as:
    -German voices: men, children, teenagers and older voices.
    -Dutch colleagues
    -EU voices: I can suggest female colleagues with a similar vocal sound in most EU languages (yes, still including English!). And besides: male and female voices of all ages and vocal qualities.
    -World-wide: I have an extensive network of international voices with home studios beyond the EU.
  • Training
    Made-to-measure training focusing on sales or introduction talks or conversations and using role-play, enabling participants to expand their skills and insights into German business-culture.

The German Connection is connected: with own studio

I work in both external studios and in my own well-equipped home studio. I have by now gained considerable experience in sound-editing and feel at home with file splitting, music montage and lip-synch or time synched recordings. Excellent audio quality, prompt delivery via file delivery and my own server at market prices is self-evident for me.
Specifications of my home studio:
  • Fully insulated cabin
  • Pro Tools-software
  • Apollo Twin-interface
  • Neuman U87-microphone
  • Delivery via file delivery or from own server For up to 500 words, 12 - 24 hours turn-around time, for longer productions, by agreement.

The German Connection is connected: with international voice over’s!

What do you need to look out for when you’re looking for a voice?

A good voice-over is important: you need a sound that suits your production and intended tone; someone who can either quickly respond to your requirements in the studio and reads well at first sight, or who can deliver good audio quality promptly and preferably without mistakes from his/her home studio.

The advantage of one voice recommending other voices is her expertise in assessing their (vocal) quality.
What makes a voice ‘good’?
  • a pleasant sound
  • good text interpretation
  • broad range
  • easily directable
  • skilled in directing self and editing text
  • native and ‘received’ pronunciation
  • reliability
  • good technical facilities where required
  • good communication skills
  • broad general knowledge (including a basic understanding and pronunciation of the EU languages and an eloquent vocabulary)

The German Connection is connected: Representing voices

I represent voices in all languages. I know most of the European voices I book personally, from working together in the past or because they have been personally recommended to me. The voices I represent are reliable and work at current market prices.

You can rely on the quality of both studio and voice, experience and working methods (fast, faultless delivery, accurate work) of all the home studio voices I represent.

For my intermediary services, I charge 10% of the agreed fee.
To summarize, I represent:
  • German voices from Germany and The Netherlands
  • voices who speak ‘Hochdeutsch’ (high German)
  • voices from Austria and Switzerland
  • children’s voices
  • older voices
  • specialist voices
  • international voices for multi-lingual projects
  • world-wide native voices with home studios

Training in German business culture: increase your chances of sales and customer loyalty

The German Connection offers a bridge to the German culture using made-to-measure cultural training sessions or courses. Learn to hit the right note during negotiations with or presentations for the German market. The training focuses on the business world, where tone and attitude play a huge role. How to make a distinctive and reliable impression on potential German customers? What’s required and what should be avoided? How do Germans assess and interpret issues such as:
  • Respect
  • being business-like
  • reliability
  • professionality
  • quality
  • intelligence
Are you curious to find out how I can help your business? Contact to discuss the possibilities.

Do you need a German voice-over for your script?
Or a voice-over in another language or several languages?
Children’s voices?
A voice actor for your dialogue?

For a speedy, correct price quotation, I need the following information:
  • medium or sales market (degree of media-exposure, e.g. on You Tube, TV or radio; or for in-store videos, the number of videos)
  • net audio-length in time or total word volume
  • frequently recurring job or batch (several scripts for the same production)?
  • desired tone, style and speaking tempo where relevant
  • desired format
  • bit rate and khz and/or other technical preferences
  • delivery method: file delivery or if you want access to your recording for longer, download from server
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